Outdoor Cinema Based In Nottingham, UK.


Buy your tickets online – We will scan your barcode via Contacless Methods on Entry – Sit Back, Relax And Enjoy The FILM.

Sunset Cinema Club brings people together to watch a great film, as the sun sets in a cool, hidden or creative outdoor space.


Now Showing

Dirty Dancing

1hr 40min | PG 13
21/5/21 | Nottingham| NG5 8PW


1hr 51min | PG
22/5/21 | Nottingham| NG5 8PW

greatest showman - sunset cinema club nottingham

The Greatest Showman

1hr 46min | PG
28/5/21 | Nottingham | NG5 8PW

Mama Mia

1hr 50min | PG
29/5/21 | Nottingham | NG5 8PW


The Unique

Cinema In The Woods

Based in Nottinghamshire, “The home of Robin Hood”. Sit Back, Relax and watch a film under the canopy of trees.

Shrek – 24/8/21

Lime Lane Woods  – NG5 8PW

Beauty & The Beast – 25/8/21

Lime Lane Woods – NG5 8PW

The Goonies – 26/8/21

Lime Lane Woods – NG5 8PW

The Woman In Black – 27/8/21

Lime Lane Woods – NG5 8PW

The Blair Witch Project – 28/8/21

Lime Lane Woods – Ng5 8PW

The Cabin In The Woods – 29/8/21

Lime Lane Woods – NG5 8PW